Removing Stretch Marks with Carboxy Therapy

Stretch Marks and Carboxy Therapy

Carbon Dioxide is much blamed for causing global warming, but it is now medically used in Carboxy therapy to treat stretch marks, wrinkles, scars, cellulite and obesity.

What is Carboxy Therapy?

Cutaneous and subcutaneous administration of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) for therapeutic purposes is called Carboxy therapy.

Carboxy therapy is the latest non-surgical therapy to remove stretch marks. It is approved by FDA, USA and European Community.

How Carboxy Therapy is performed?

In this therapy CO2 gas is administered into the skin. It is a non-surgical method. It is done using a special equipment and Carbon Dioxide is injected subcutaneously (into the skin) with a sterile thin needle similar to one used for insulin injections.

CO2 works on the affected zone and is rapidly eliminated. The equipment allows regulating the speed of CO2 flow, time of injection and monitors the percentage of the administered dose.

This therapy is not painful. Some might experience light tingling sensation near the injection site which disappears within a matter of seconds. The area surrounding injection site may feel warmer for 10-20 minutes due to increased circulation.

How does Carboxy therapy work on Stretch Marks?

At the injection site, CO2 penetrates in the form of gas and is easily spread to other tissues nearby.

Carboxy therapy works in 3 complimentary ways

1.    Carbon Dioxide mechanically kills fat cells by breaking off their membranes
2.    It causes widening of blood vessels in the area. Wider vessels mean a stronger blood supply, which brings a rush of oxygen and nutrients to the treated area. This also eliminates built up fluids from between fat cells.
3.    It improves the cutaneous elasticity and induces rejuvenation of dermis layer of the skin where stretch marks, scars, wrinkles exist.

Results can be seen immediately, the tissue improves, the skin becomes firm and smoother; stretch marks, wrinkles and scars start fading and the affected zone becomes thinner.

Is this suitable for both new and old stretch marks?

Newer stretch marks can be removed very fast through this therapy. It is very effective on even older stretch marks.

The results on stretch marks and scars through this therapy are said to be permanent.

Usually stretch marks are treated once a week for two to three weeks, though sometimes only one session is needed.

Old stretch marks might need three or four treatments at three-weekly intervals.

Side effects

As Carboxy is a very new therapy used for stretch marks, long term effects are not known. But it is said to be very safe without any side effects.

Carboxy Therapy Cost:

Cost varies from country to country and it even depends on the areas to be treated and the doctors.

But as per online feedback from people who underwent this treatment for stretch marks, each session cost between $100 to $500.

Carboxy Therapy on Stretch Marks – A Testimonial

Leah Hardy, 44, a journalist, lives in South-East London with her husband Chris and two children, aged six and two. She had Carboxy Therapy  treatment for stretch marks on her stomach and thighs. Leah says:

“Each time I was pregnant, I put on three stone. After the babies were born, I was disappointed to find I had livid red marks running from my bikini area halfway up to my belly button. I also had stretch marks on my upper thighs.

The marks had faded to silver and purple, but they were unattractive, indented and put me off wearing a bikini. I remember catching sight of my stomach in the mirror as I put on jeans and thinking it looked like crinkly old ruched blinds!

Dr Nabet explained Carboxy was most effective on newer stretch marks which are still red. These are treated once a week for two to three weeks, though sometimes only one session is needed. Old stretch marks need three or four treatments at three-weekly intervals.

During my first 15-minute visit, I had 15 injections into the top of each thigh and 15 in my stomach. It was fascinating to see the gas bubbling under my skin, travelling down the line of each mark. I couldn’t feel it at all.

Most of the injections were painless. I ended up with 15 tiny bruises on each thigh, but they disappeared in 48 hours.

I was told I’d see some effect the next day, and more in ten days. The results really surprised me. Many of the stretch marks on my thighs had almost vanished. The ones on my stomach were less noticeable, thinner and more skin-coloured.

I had a second treatment two weeks later. It took ten minutes, there were no bruises, and ten days later my stomach looked even better.
OK, I still have some stretch marks, but not only are they far less obvious, the texture of my mum tum is tighter and less crinkly.

I plan to have one more treatment, then maintenance in a few months’ time.

For anyone bothered by stretch marks, this quick and relatively inexpensive treatment is worth considering.”


After a treatment session, there are no restrictions on any activities but one has to avoid submerging in water for next 4 hours.

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