Beauty and the Breasts Facts

Perhaps it is right to say that no other part of the human body (male or female) has been spoken about as much as the female breasts. There have been unending articles, reports, studies and other written material about these organs – from issues relating to their size and shape to those relating to their mammary function. Both biology and the media consider the breasts to be beautiful, and odes to their beauty have been written and sung about.

Both men and women enjoy the soft and warm stimulation of breast

Why are They Considered Beautiful?

Though they are quite obviously considered beautiful, many psychoanalysts have tried to reason out why they are considered so. What is the appeal of the breasts? Biologically speaking, there are not many differences between the male and the female breasts. The points in which female breasts differ from the male breasts are as follows:-

  • Female breasts are more round and curvaceous because of the presence of more adipose tissue. Male breasts are flat. If not use this supplement.
  • Female breasts have an enlarged nipple and areola around it. The male nipple is much smaller and the areola is just a small circle around the nipple.
  • Female breasts are also the mammary glands of the humans. They produce milk after childbirth which the infant feeds on.
  • Female breasts undergo continual changes in shape and size. Male breasts are almost the same from puberty until death.
  • The appeal of the female breasts is tried to be studied from this angle, i.e. the angle of difference between the male and the female breasts. There are some interesting theories on why men find breasts beautiful.

Theory of Difference

Humans always find those organs sexy which they themselves do not have. Men find women’s breasts sexy and appealing simply because they do not have such organs on their bodies.

Touching breast is man’s sexual interaction before intimate session

This appeal is equated with the fascination women have for male penises. Moreover, men are generally considered to be hardy and muscular. Hence, the female breasts which are quite supple and soft to the touch are quite proper organs to sexually stimulate them. Men enjoy not just the sight but also the touch and feel of them, which is quite unlike touching any of their own organs.

However, this theory does not do full justification of the appeal of breasts. There are several heterosexual men who prefer small breasts, and a very small percentage of men even like girls with almost flat chests. These are not explained by the theory.

Theory of Deprivation

In most societies, women are not allowed to show their breasts in public. They have to follow stringent dress codes when in public. In such societies men are very much deprived of their sight. Definitely, such men will find the appeal of breasts much more. According to a Freudian concept, man always craves that more which he does not get easily. This could easily work in the case of female breasts in such societies.
Again this theory cannot be taken at its full value. The reason is that men are equally fixated with women’s breasts in countries which have made nude sunbathing legal. Hence, even in countries where there are ample opportunities for men to see women’s bare breasts, the appeal exists.

Theory of Sexual Connection

This is perhaps the most convincing theory. Female breasts are generally exposed to men during the sexual act. Hence, men come to equate the sight of them with the act of sex itself. This acts as a titillating factor for men. This is the reason why men find breasts appealing. It is not just the sight of breasts, but the mental imagery of what act lies connected to the breasts.

It is difficult for a man to make love with his woman without loving her breast!

The Oedipus Complex Theory

This was the most controversial theory put forward to explain why men consider breasts beautiful. Modern concepts have made this theory more acceptable. There are many experts who now consider this theory to be the most justified men.

Breasts are connected with their mammary function. In fact the first connection of a man with breasts is when he is breastfed by his mother. Though man might forget those same breasts when he grows in age, the mental image of what those breasts stood for remains. Man begins to equate breasts with the strength he has derived from them that has lasted him the rest of his life. This makes man regard breasts as a symbol of fertility, comfort and in an obscure way, his own virility. This makes breasts special for him. Though some men may leer at breasts and pass derogatory comments about them, this idea is prevalent in their subconscious.

What Do Women Do to Maintain the Appeal?

Women are only much too aware of the effect their breasts have in men. Hence, women regard them very carefully and take proper care and attention. In the general sense, women do the following to keep their breasts beautiful:-

  1. They are washed and kept clean. If needed, special oils and moisturizers are applied to keep the breast skin suppler and shinier.
  2. Proper bras are worn so that the breasts would show better from the clothes. But the main reason is to get a good enough support for them.

Women who are dissatisfied with the shapes of their breasts could opt for enhancement techniques. Augmentation is today becoming a very popular operation. Besides this, there are several non surgical methods that women employ to increase their bust

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